There are 3 phases needed when launching your expertise online successfully.

Phase One: Design. This is where you strategize and map what you sell and how you sell it online.

Phase Two: Build. This is where you design, script, produce and build all of the things that you need in order for you to start driving traffic and conversions.

Phase Three: Optimize & Scale. This is where you tweak, adjust, manage and optimize your ads, your funnels and your offers until you’re winning.

If you don’t WIN right out the gate (and you probably won’t), just remember it’s all a part of the process and you just need to apply the philosophy of Kaizen to your ads, funnels and offers.

With optimization comes improvement, and with improvement comes results. With enough improvements, you will produce the results you are looking for and are dreaming about. The key is to stay in the game long enough to WIN at a high level.

In my 5 + years of marketing online, I have found that not all ads, funnels or offers initially win, but because we stay in the game of creating and optimising those ads, funnels, and offer we WIN. When you apply this same mindset and philosophy to your business and life, you will WIN too.

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